The Right Aquaponics Fish Species

So what’s the best aquaponics fish species for you?  The first thing you must consider is if you are going to be using the fish as a food source or not. There are many species of fish to you can choose from that are ok to use in your home aquaponics system.

First you must consider that there will be a relationship between the fish and the plants you will be growing. Plants and fish share some basic needs, the closer you can match these needs together, the more success you will have with your aquaponics system. For example fresh water fish are better for growing herbs as well as leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce.

You must also consider the climate conditions of your area, as there are different fish for different weather conditions.  In cooler temperatures, you are better off with bass or trout.

But if you are not planning to eat the fish of your aquaponics system, then Koi or goldfish are very good choices as they are hardy fish that are very easy to care for.

Growing your own crops with aquaponics is a natural and sustainable way to live an eco-friendly life.

There is a great video guide that takes you step by step and gives you all the information you need to build your own aquaponics system, including what type of fish to use.

Click Here to visit and find out  what’s the right aquaponics fish species for you

Remember that aquaponics fish are the life of your system.

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