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World Aquaculture Society LogoWhile many people will agree without much thought that farming is the backbone of many different cultures, people do not have the same understanding of the marine based version of the family farm.

A little bit of aquaculture research will tell you that aquaculture is certainly leaned on almost as much in areas of the world where marine life is the sustaining food source in much the same way farms that house cows and chickens are relied on in the Midwestern parts of the United States.

The World Aquaculture Society exists for a variety of reasons, but one of the main purposes is to educate people on just how big a role aquaculture plays in our society. One of the many parts the World Aquaculture Society can play is that it will help people understand the very real difference between the aquaculture definition, and that of the farmer who goes out on the fishing trolley and brings home massive amounts of tuna from the open ocean.

The comparison between aquaculture and farming truly is an accurate one. While land farming can mean either raising crops or domestically breeding cows, pigs and chickens in order to later be used as food, aquaculture does the same but with marine animals.

Lobsters, mollusks, clams, scallops ands can all be raised on aquaculture “farms” specifically designed for later consumption. The society works to help people who may not be active in the world of aquaculture learn a little bit more about it.

The society also works to help those who are actively involved in aquaculture stay abreast of the best practices, the newest technology in the industry and a whole host of other information.

Because aquaculture is not always completely understood finding the right kind of information and help can be a daunting task, especially for those just starting out. A great deal of attention is given to the family farm in Wisconsin or Nebraska which is struggling to make ends meat, but that same attention is not paid to the family marine life farm. Articles, tips and a network of people who understand the struggles of aquaculture and how to overcome them comes in handy.

The World Aquaculture Society is more than just a repository of information. This is truly a community of individuals and businesses who are all trying to stay afloat and the WAS operates more like a union.

The society provides job listings and information about educational resources around the globe. Aquaculture is not a particularly easy business to get into if you are going in without help and the WAS wants to make sure that anyone who has entered into this particular sector has all the information they should need at their fingertips.

Basic techniques, government agencies that can lend aid or information and other societies that can provide additional information can all be obtained through the society’s vast network. Once someone in the industry has begun their work, there is very little doubt that the World Aquaculture Society is a uniquely valuable asset.

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